Product development: innovative products with high benefits
Product development: innovative products with high benefits

KRAIBURG product development

Product development at KRAIBURG is mainly based on the three principles practice, science and sales.


Testing on-site

Practice includes intensive tests directly in the cubicle house. Around the production site at Tittmoning we have about 50 test farms. There, old products are observed continuously, and steadily improved in detail and new products are developed and tested alongside. We, the developers, are constantly in dialogue with farmers, we receive suggestions and form our own impressions. Visits to test farms are a natural part of our everyday work, as the quality of products can only be evaluated reliably in practice.

Quality tests in the laboratory

We run material- and product tests in our own laboratory which are also consistently validated through external tests, for example by the DLG (German Agricultural Society).


Support through science and research: independent scientific studies make an important contribution to the impartial evaluation of a product and can facilitate the economic efficiency calculation of an investment.


Customer satisfaction

“Would you buy the product again?” We regularly ask randomly selected customers exactly this question when we visit farms. Thus we get reliable feedback about the satisfaction of KRAIBURG customers. Besides a low complaint rate, customer satisfaction is the most important parameter for the evaluation of our own work.

Recognize the needs of customers today to create tomorrow's products

In-depth talks with farmers as well as good communication with our distribution partners help us detect relevant applications and product ideas early. For many years we have not only been considered as the quality leader but also as the innovation leader in the market!

The development department currently consists of 6 team members with technical skills, agronomical know-how and craftsmanship. We have one thing in common - sharing our common purpose:

Products of established KRAIBURG quality,

  • which provide a maximum benefit for animal and farmer,
  • amortize within a short time and
  • which the farmer would buy again, because they do not only satisfy him after buying but downright excite him.