pediKURA® walkway flooring for claw abrasion and softness
pediKURA® walkway flooring for claw abrasion and softness

How does pediKURA® system benefit claw health?

The pediKURA® system (i.e. 20 % of the complete floor is covered with pediKURA®) ensures optimal softness + abrasion.
It supports the ideal claw form and with it the claw health.


Unfortunately often seen in animal houses:


Too long claw

Too long claws of cattle often are the cause for claw damages










  • Bulbs too low

-> bulb section in soil

-> higher risk for infectious claw diseases 
     (50 % of all claw damages)

digital dermatitis infektious claw disease of cattleinterdigital dermatitis infectious claw disease of cattle

(Digital Dermatitis / Interdigital Dermatitis)                                          


  • Risk of overload

-> higher risk for mechanical-traumatic claw diseases
(50 % of all claw damages)

Sole ulcer: mechanical-traumatic claw disease of cattlecontusion: mechanical-traumatic claw disease of cattleLaminitis: mechanical-traumatic claw disease of cattle

(Sole ulcer / Contusion / Laminitis)


The solution: softness + abrasion = pediKURA®


pediKURA: softness and abrasion on walkways in the dairy cow house


Ideal claw form

 Ideal claw form due to soft walking area floorings with selective claw abrasion

  • Gain in bulb height
  • ideal load conditions


illustrations: Kümper, H., Universität Giessen
pictures: Landwirtschaftsverlag GmbH, top agrar Fachbuch „Klauenprobleme schneller lösen“, 2003; Fiedler, Maierl, Nuss, „Erkrankungen der Klauen und Zehen des Rindes“, 2004

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